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Hi there!

My name is Libby Ryan and I love creating! I enjoy cooking, crafting and traveling. I love being able to share my kitchen shenanigans with you!

-About the Blog-

I started XOXO Create in 2013 after being on Pinterest for too long (haven’t we all?). I realized that documenting my love for cooking had the potential to be a great deal of fun, and it’s become such a joy!

I recently relaunched my site to be more streamlined and accessible for you, my readers. It still has all my original recipes, but with added flare and even some new creations! I hope you enjoy the yummy treats and good eats! (I’m so sorry about that rhyme, but I couldn’t resist)

-About Me-

I grew up out in the sticks of Missouri, better known as Pevely, with a single mom who frequently used family recipes, and luckily she passed them on to me 😉 I made my way up to “The Big City”, better known as St. Louis. I received my bachelor of arts in human services from Missouri Baptist University. During my young college days I fell in love with a man named Jon. He’s the most handsome man on earth and is a talented musician ~swoon~

After marrying the man of my dreams, we settled down and now live in an adorable 1938 bungalow. I recently graduated with my master’s in counseling, so now I can finally write posts instead of papers – YAY! Also, even bigger YAY is that we’re welcoming our first child into our family August 2016! We’re very excited for all that is in store for us and the messy, fun adventures ahead 🙂

-About My Passions-

Aside from XOXO Create, I have some other big passions in my life. The reason why I pursued my master’s in counseling was so I could one day be a licensed counselor and work with survivors of sex trafficking. To find out more about this overwhelming global issue, visit The Covering House, Crisis Aid or Exodus Cry. I’m also very passionate about ethically-made products. That is why I joined Trade for Freedom as an advocate. They are fighting against human trafficking while providing ethically-made clothing by employing women who are at risk for being trafficked. Contact me if you would like more information or would like to host a house party in the St. Louis area.

Thank you for visiting my blog, now go create something!